Saturday, May 23, 2015

Vastushodh Projects' police complaint against Ravi Karandeekar

Yes! The police complaint was about my blog - "5 Reasons why you must not book a flat in Vastushodh Projects' UrbanGram & AnandGram"!!

Vastushodh Projects' Police Complaint - Ravi Karandeekar's Statement

Police enquiry was short & sweet.

Yesterday, at noon, I went to Kothrud Police Station with my son. An officer at the entrance asked me, "Why are you here?" When I told him about the complaint, pointing at the chairs in the lobby, the police officer said, "Wait for a few minutes - Bhosale Patil Saheb is in a meeting"

We took the chairs. Went on looking around nervously. After a few minutes, Bhosale Patil Saheb came out of his cabin and asked me,"Are you waiting to see me?" When I said yes and gave him the reference, he told me to come in. Asking about my cataract operation, Bhosale Patil Saheb gave me a copy of Vastushodh Projects' complaint.

I read the complaint. Yes! It was about my blog - "5 Reasons why you must not book a flat in Vastushodh Projects' UrbanGram & AnandGram".

I will talk about the Vastushodh Projects' complaint in my next blog. My dear friend Sachin Kulkarni wants me to publish it on my blog. On Facebook, Sachin Saheb has said -
"Dear Mr Karandeekar, having read your new stunt of becoming the Hero of virtual netizens, let me officially educate your readers,who are reacting only on your side of the story ! Also have the guts to verify the nature of the police complaint filed by me, and publish the same on your "educative" blog !"

How can I say no to my dear friend? I will publish Vastushodh's complaint - as soon as Sachin Kulkarni sends it.

After I finished reading, Bhosale Patil Saheb asked me a few questions about me & my blogging.

"Keeping in mind the interest of home buyers, I have expressed my opinion about Vastushodh Projects' offer. As a blogger, it's my job," I said.

Bhosale Patil Saheb called one police officer and told him to take my statement. I went with him to his cabin and gave my statement in Marathi. He typed it and asked me to read. After I finished reading, the officer took out the printout and gave me the copy.

I thanked the police officers and came out of Kothrud Police Station.
"You know - why we have police?," I asked my son.
"Yes! To protect good and to punish evil," said my son.
"Yes! सदरक्षणाय खलनिग्रहणाय - Sadrakshnāya Khālanīghrahanāya," I said.

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