Friday, August 26, 2016

Better buy a plot at Pirangut & construct a bungalow

My dream home:

Is a 28 - 29 year old young boy buying his own home a sign of prosperity? A symbol of success, status & wealth?

Or is he a victim of debt based economy which needs a lot of people to be in debt all the time?

Are the property exhibitions really about the properties?

Or are these exhibitions really organized to sell homes or
to force the young people to prevent from saving their salary and become a debtor of a bank for life?

After talking with Ms & Mr Kulkarni at Sakal Vastu - I started wondering.

It was obvious that they were ideal home buyers. A young couple looking for their first home. Curious to know whether the experience of visiting the property exhibition was encouraging or disappointing - I requested them to give me a video interview.

"The experience was encouraging. My budget is around 55 Lakhs. But most of the 2 BHK Flats were beyond my budget - costing around 70. However, there were a few stalls offering bungalow plots. A 2 guntha plot at Pirangut was only for 18 lakhs! It means that - if I buy that plot and spend some 25 - 30 on construction of a bungalow - I can own a home - in my budget!," Mr. Kulkarni said.

"WoW!," I said.

"I am an IT professional - working in Hinjewadi. For me, Pirangut is a convenient location! By the way, I am born & brought up in a bungalow on Sinhagad Road - so, I hate living in a flat - same about my wife - anyway - I am not in a hurry to shift in that bungalow - for a while - I can use it as my weekend home - as an investment property," Mr. Kulkarni said.

"Yes! Lucky you!!," I said.

When I was editing the video, I enjoyed the expressions on their faces. Both of them looked so young & so happy.

My budget is 55 lakhs - I liked the way Mr. Kulkarni made this statement.

My budget is 55 lakhs!


Home loan eligibility!!

Yes! I hear this type of a statement everyday.

"My budget is 55" - people say this - with a casual confidence - as if they are saying - "my weight is 68 kg" - "my height is 5' 8"" - "my blood group is B+"!

It's not your budget, dud. It's your capacity to create a debt!

It's not your worth or wealth. It's your liability!

God has sent you on earth because a bank needs debtors!

You are an organic fuel of this debt based economic engine.

Your parents know this. Your in laws know this. Your colleagues know this. The organizer of the property exhibition knows this. That's why they put pressure on you to book a flat.

Coconut is for the god in heaven.

The god on earth needs sacrifice of - bali of - the beloved young son.

You are naive. You don't know what they are doing to you.

You don't know the difference between a liability and an asset. Debt and investment.

And that's better for you! Illusion is encouraging. Truth is discouraging.

I am sure - like every good son - you will name your bungalow - "पितृ कृपा"!

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