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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Delayed flat possession is a well planned crime

"Chhe Mahine Ka Delay To Chalta Hai":

Kaajal Shaikh (Right) of Pune tech startup which is creating a digital product for victims of delayed flat possession & Samarth Singh of Velocita Brand Consultant (3rd from the left) 

You know what? Even before launching the project, your builder had planned to delay possession of your flat.

When you ask for the date of possession, very casually the salesman commits some date.

With the same casualness, you accept the flat possession date and tell yourself - "Chhe Mahine Ka Delay to Hota Hi Hai".

At the time of registration of flat agreement - you notice that the date mentioned in the agreement is not the same date the salesman had mentioned when you booked the flat.

"December 2017 is only for the agreement - actually you will get possession in June 2017 - as our sales executive had told you at the time of booking," the builder's representative convinces you.

"That's okay! But what is this? You have mentioned 6 months grace period from December 2017 - means June 2018 - this is unacceptable," you try to protest.

"This is just an agreement. A legal document. We have to keep some buffer period to avoid legal complications. A standard industry practice. But the flat possession is planned much earlier. Just the same date our sales manager had given," the builder's representative assures.

After this type of conversation, very rarely, a flat buyer refuses to sign the agreement and leaves the registration office.

"Chhe Mahine Ka Delay To Chalta Hai - but don't delay possession by a year," a flat buyers begs & signs the agreement.

Thanking you for being practical, the builder's representative says,"We are corporate builders. Big brand in Pune real estate market. We are professional. You know what those small builders do? They don't mention possession date in the agreement. They just write - possession in 24 months or possession in 36 months - from the date of agreement. The agreement done in February 2015 & the agreement done in 2017 has the same clause - possession in 24 or 36 months!! We are not like them! We are corporate"

"Yes! I know. That's why I had booked a flat with you. But be sure that possession is in time," says the flat buyer.

"Sure. We are well known for timely possession," says the builder's representative.

"But one of my colleagues told me that the possession of your last project was delayed," the flat buyer expresses his concern.

"Oh! That was because of certain circumstances. Which were beyond our control. Kabhi Kabhi Hota Hai. Vaise Bhi - Chhe Mahine Ka Delay To Chalta Hai. Right?," says the builder's representative

"Yes, Chhe Mahine Ka Delay To Chalta Hai - but not more than that!," says a flat buyer.

At Velocita Brand Consultants offices, most of the victims of delayed flat possession realized that delayed possession was not an accident or a result of some unfortunate incident or unforeseen circumstances.

Way before launching the project, their builder had planned to commit this crime against the flat buyers.

Their builder could commit this crime only because of their attitude about flat possession - "Chhe Mahine Ka Delay To Chalta Hai"

What say you?

Do you believe in "Chhe Mahine Ka Delay To Chalta Hai"?

If yes, be ready to become a victim of your builder.

If not, still, be ready to become a victim of your builder.

Because, delayed flat possession is a well planned crime. And Pune builders are expert in committing this crime against the flat buyers.

Certainly, demonetisation is just an excuse to delay flat possession in 2017 - 18.

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  1. Chalta hain attitude has made entire India a rotten place, which is however improving. The sooner chalta hain attitude is kicked out from Indian mindset, forget just real estate, entire country will march towards all round prosperity at high speed & there will be accountability which will be considered as standard norm.
    Till sanity comes in real estate, it is better to buy ready for possession flat so buyer need not bother about the delays caused deliberately by builders as they get to earn interest free money from flat buyers.
    The good thing for such flat buyers who are stuck with stalled, delayed project, there is hope from Supreme Court after it's latest ruling.

    Flat owners can join hands to move national consumer forum against builders: SC -

    In the David vs Goliath fight of middle-class flat owners against builders with deep pockets, the Supreme Court came to the rescue of the former. It ruled on Tuesday that flat owners could join hands to directly approach the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) against realtors.

    As per the Consumer Protection Act, a plea can be filed in NCDRC directly only if the cost involved is more than Rs 1 crore; otherwise, complainants begin at the district consumer forums. Amrapali Sapphire Developers Pvt Ltd had taken shelter behind this rule to plead that 43 flat buyers, who had together moved the apex consumer forum against it, were disqualified from filing such a joint plea before the NCDRC. The 43 buyers had complained against delay in handing over possession of their flats.


    Apart from this, those who feel that home loan interest rates is only what matters, think again. It's the price of property, not interest rates which affect more. Interest rates can now go up as well, so think about interest rates for your entire loan tenure & not just current rates.

    Home loan growth to slow down in FY17 -

    Home loan growth is likely to be lower than previous years as buyers and investors are expected to defer their home purchase on expected correction in real estate prices.


    Patel talks of rate hike possibility -

    RBI governor Urjit Patel, who surprised markets on Wednesday by announcing the monetary policy committee's decision to hold rates, has now said that interest rates might go up. Explaining what the RBI meant by shifting its stance to neutral, Patel on Friday told CNBC TV18 that the MPC now has the option of hiking rates depending on the direction of inflation. The governor indicated that there is little headroom to ease rates, pointing out that the MPC is committed to move closer to the 4% inflation target.


  2. Congatulations! I have been trying to set up a website for the same reason. But the website company is horrible and we have shelved the project completely.

  3. Thans ravi ji..Good attempt. Can you help us building such an attempt here in UP specific. I know it is tough to stand against the odd.

  4. FIRSTLY Professionally builder never delay project, he/she will try best to complete project on time.
    SECONDLY In this sector many untechnical people have come, who are interesting only in making money. Due to concentrating on money making process, the don't get enough time in proper planning and executing the project.